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VIPSer.com Terms of use

Please read carefully the terms and conditions presented below before proceeding with any service reservation through vipser.com website!

Legal Acceptance

Your usage of this website and reservation facilities is based on your total acceptance of and abidance by the following terms of use stated below which also acts as a legal agreement between vipser.com and whoever shall access the website hereafter referred to as ‘client’. All questions and controversies arising out of client’s use of this site and this agreement will be decided under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Turkish Law. The client agrees to use the website for making legitimate reservation requests rather than speculative, false or fraudulent ones. The client confirms that he/she has the adequate legal age to enter into lawful obligations and be able to face all liabilities resulting from the use of this website.

Transfer Services

VIPSer.com endeavours to guarantee that all transfers booked through its website will take place and be completed in time however the client acknowledges that VIPSer.com cannot be held accountable for any extra charges arising from any possible transfer delay, transfer failure or missed travel connections due to the presence of any force-major circumstances such as poor weather conditions, state of roads or any other factors beyond our control.

VIPSer.com commits itself to deliver a transfer or any other type of service based solely on the information provided by the client. In case that the client fails to submit correct and on time information to VIPSer.com regarding his/her exact flight details, arrival/departure hours, exact number of passengers, excessive luggage, return transfer details or any changes to the original transfer details, etc. any failure or consecutive cancellation of the service caused by the lack of such information remain full responsibility of the client and he/she will face all extra costs incurred by any new transfer arrangements made through VIPSer.com or any other company and no refunds or compensation of the services not utilized will be possible.

All VIPSer.com transfers are no smoking. The type, size and number of the vehicles utilized for each transfer service depend solely on current availability and there might be cases when VIPSer.com will offer two small vehicles instead of one big in order to provide the necessary service.

Luggage Allowance

The standard luggage allowance is one piece of hand luggage and one small suitcase per person. The client obliges himself/herself to give notice of any luggage exceeding the above described amount that may not fit inside the vehicle otherwise he/she shall meet all consequences of possible transfer failure, lack of comfort or extra charges resulting from the employment of additional vehicles. Larger suitcases and sport equipment, such as ski, surf boards and bicycles, golf bags, etc. classify as excess luggage and could be extra charged so please make an inquiry at the time of booking to make sure whether their transportation will be possible or not.

Child Policy

When booking a private transfer through VIPSer.com, client should be aware that everyone counts as a passenger, even children and small infants. Passenger traveling with small children and infants must bring their own baby booster seats.

Passengers with Disabilities

Our Istanbul private transfer vehicles (up to 6 persons) are big enough to support any electric wheelchair in the luggage area. However client should notify us about wheelchair’s dimensions in order to avoid possible transfer failure. For some transfers it is very likely that wheelchair may not fit in the vehicle used for passenger’s transport. Therefore it is strongly advisable that client should require in advance a larger vehicle big enough to hold all passengers and their personal belongings. VIPSer.com normally applies no extra charges for manual, electric or fold-down wheelchairs, unless client fails to inform us about them in advance at the time of booking.

Price Information

All prices quoted on VIPSer.com website are payable in euro (EUR), US dollars (USD) and Turkish liras (YTN). Additional fees like excess baggage charges and other taxes collected by governments, air(ports), airlines and other bodies are not included in price unless expressly indicated as included features. The prices do not include any insurance covering any baggage loss, injury during trip or transfer failure. Passengers are advised to obtain their own health/travel insurance covering any extra costs that may arise due to transfer delay, failure or other force-major events.

Payment Procedures

A full prepayment with credit card, VISA or MasterCard, is required for all services, booked through VIPSer.com website, except for Istanbul city transfers where payment can be done also directly to driver in cash. Client’s credit card will be charged in full at the time of booking. Prepayment for group transfers and transfer services in other cities in Turkey is needed due to the more complex organizational levels related to the supply of the selected services. Advance prepayment guarantees not only specially discounted prices but also security for both the service provider and the client holding a voucher for his/her prepaid services. As soon as a full prepayment of the transfer service has been done the client will be eligible to receive his/her service voucher straight away. The client cannot consider the reservation secured before he/she has received a written reservation confirmation from VIPSer.com regarding the services booked. Surcharges may occur and will be detailed during the booking process.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations of bookings made through VIPSer.com will be accepted only if communicated by a written notice. The client should either send a cancellation request via certified mail (return receipt requested) or by using our contact form available online. In case of email notification, reservation reference number, departure date and lead name should be supplied with the e-mail. The client cannot consider the reservation cancelled unless he/she has received a written cancellation confirmation from VIPSer.com. Before proceeding with any service/package cancellation, client must make sure that cancellation deadline for that specific booking hasn’t been passed otherwise full cancellation charges may apply equal to the total amount of the booking. The cancellation deadline is 1 day (24 hours) prior to transfer date and will be always clearly advised on the package/service voucher as well as on client’s confirmation e-mail.

Amendment Policy

Making amendments i.e. submitting changes to your reservations are subject to approval from VIPSer.com and its service providers. Any change of the reservation components may result in additional administrative charges that will be notified to client at the time of the amendment request. Amendments regarding change of dates, pick-up/drop-off point, number of passengers (vehicle size), flight number, arrival/departure hours, delivery address, client’s phone number, etc. should be submitted no later than 72 hours prior to transfer date. The amendment request has to be sent in written either per e-mail (return receipt requested) or by sending a written amendment request through the contact form available on VIPser.com website. In case of email notification reservation, reference number, departure date and lead name should be supplied with the e-mail.

Submission and confirmation of last-minute changes regarding client’s return transfer pick-up hours can be notified to VIPSser.com per SMS text message as well (only if sent from the original phone number supplied to us when making the online booking). The client cannot consider the reservation amended unless he/she has received a written amendment confirmation from vipser.com. Amendments of booked transfer services requested by phone will not be accepted, unless they refer a possible transfer delay of no longer than 1 hour after arranged pick-up time.

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be processed if they have been approved from VIPSer.com or the third party service providers through which car-rentals, tours or other service have been booked. No refund will be possible unless Vipser.com has received the refund from the mentioned service providers. The exact amount of the refund will be determined in accordance to the exact date when the cancellation was requested. In case of passenger’s extended delay (more than 1 hour) or no show (the client fails to arrive at meeting point), no balance will be refunded. Any approved refunds will be credited back to the client credit card originally used for making the payment no later than 7 working days. Refunds are only possible in the same currency in which the booking has been paid.

VIPSer.com cannot refund transfers due to flight cancellation. If the client needs to cancel a transfer booked through VIPSer.com website, he/she should e-mail the cancellation request confirming the reason for the late cancellation and we’ll then issue a cancellation invoice that client can use to make a claim to his/her travel insurance company.

Lost Properties

If the client happens to loose or forget any personal belonging in one of our transfer vehicles, please inform us as soon as possible on our emergency contact numbers provided on your pre-paid service voucher or booking confirmation. VIPSer.com will do anything possible to trace down and locate your lost property and if found return it back to you, however if the item cannot be found VIPSer.com cannot bear any responsibility. All costs arising of the search and recovery of the lost property should be met by client including any postage costs for delivering it back to client’s home.


All VIPSer.com website content, products, and services are provided “as is” without any warranty whatsoever. Vipser.com cannot be held accountable for any inconvenience, accidental, direct or indirect damages, personal injuries or death, losses or extra expenses caused by or partially relative to any delay or changes in scheduled services booked through our website, independent actions of third party service providers or any force major circumstances such as acts of God, forces of nature, terrorist attacks, war, riots, civil disturbances, hostilities, theft, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations or any other causes. The client should face all consecutive expenses arising thereof and no compensation or refund of the not utilized service will be possible.


Vipser.com may display on its pages links to other third party websites but it doesn’t guarantee the quality of their services or products neither endorses their content. In case that any of the terms and conditions stated herein proves to be unenforceable, inapplicable or invalid, they will not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions. Vipser.com reserves the right to make changes to the current Terms of use at any given time without prior notice.