Days Worth to Remember

Days Worth to Remember

For the days that are important for you, you can choose our company to meet your exact needs using our car rental service. You can create your own small fleet using our vehicles for your group of friends for your memorable special day. Our fleet is existed of extremely luxurious and comfortable vehicles which meets your high level expectations.

The most suitable vehicle type can be chosen from our fleet for your business trips in Istanbul. If you like you can also choose a vehicle type for incentive organizations of your company. With reasonable prices you can chose your vehicle to rent from our fleet, beyond your expectations. Not only for business trips but you can also rent our vehicles for your special organizations or social facilities as a fleet.

Receiving a comfortable service for your travels in special days is extremely important. You can travel in the city or outside of the city thanks to our comfortable and safe cars of our fleet. Our car rental service can be offered for daily disposal base or for longer period of time. We can customize your vehicle you have chosen from our fleet and serve you properly.

You can be sure that you will receive our vehicles all clean and maintained. Therefore, you will not face any problems during use of the cars and your trip will be full of enjoyment and comfort without suffering of any surprises. Having freedom to choose the car you want is also important.

Addition to car rental service, you can also ask for help about professional private driver service. If you don’t want to drive on your own we can book one of our professional drivers. For more information about car rental in Istanbul, private driver services in Istanbul please contact us.

After you fulfill the contact form from our web site, you will receive the answers of your all queries. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible.